14 Days of Loving Your Business. Products from direct sales companies.

14 Days of Loving Your Business is a program I did with my direct sales teams. It was a way for them to fall in love with their businesses by romancing it. Each day I set up "dates" for them. Most "dates" took just a few minutes, but they could take as much time as they wanted to.

I'm doing 14 Days of Loving Your Business on the My Heart Beats Instagram account. Each day I'll post a "date" for you and your business. Complete the date within 2 days and comment on the post. I'll pick a winner from the comments of each post and that person will get a My Heart Beats gift card. (See the official rules at the bottom of this article.)

You can come here for more details about the date and for ideas on how to take the date to the next level. This is a fun activity you can do with your team any time of the year. You can easily adapt it by making it more company- or product-specific. 

Day 1

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
This is the reason
I fell for you.

What is the product that made you decide to take the relationship with your company to the next level and become a consultant? Maybe it was love at first sight and it was the first product you bought. Or maybe you had to be won over and you fell in love with what the product did for you.

Use the comments to tell me about the product. And if you want to tell the world about it, write a post about your love story on your account and use #mhb14days so that we'll see it.

You can write about how you met and why you love the product. How it is different from all the other ones like it. How it makes you feel and what it does for you. Write like you're writing about your boyfriend or spouse. Don't try to sell him to us. You don't want us to fall in love with him. You want us to fall in love with your story and maybe we'll ask you if he has a brother.

Here are some examples:

This is the first product I ever bought from (company name). I got it at my friend's party a few years ago, and as soon as I saw it, I was in love. I used it all the time, and it is still one of my favorite products. I'm so glad I have it.

A few years ago I bought (product name). I say the before and after pictures, but I was skeptical because I used similar products in the past. But after a few weeks, I was less of a skeptic. So I tried a few more products, and they were equally, dare I say, amazing. I knew I had to have everything so I joined the company. And that's how my journey with (company's name) got started.

Contest rules:
This giveaway is open to legal residents of the USA ages 18 and up only. Giveaway ends at 10 am on Sunday, February 3, 2019. By entering this giveaway, you release Instagram of any liability and acknowledge that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Celebrate every day,

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